Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operation times of The RFS Group of Companies?

The normal workweek is 40 hours, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, with one hour for lunch, usually between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.


Where can I find out more about employment opportunities at The RFS Group of Companies?
We are a diversified company with each of its businesses managing their own staffing needs, including foreign assignments. To find out more about the employment opportunities and information about submitting a resume, call us at 675-4RFS (4737) or 638-3473.


What kind of employee benefits are offered at The RFS Group?
Upon joining the RFS Group of Companies you would be previewed to the employee benefits offered such as medical, dental, savings and security, insurance, pensions, etc. Eligible employees seeking information on this can consult the RFS Group of Companies Employee Handbook.


What training & development programmes are offered?
At times, The RFS Group will provide opportunities for staff to participate in external training courses (locally or abroad) to compliment on-the-job training. Employees who are selected for such training will be asked to sign a letter of agreement stating their intention to work for the Group for a specific period of time.


What Product line does the RFS Group provide?
THE RFS GROUP provides an extensive list of products and services for both the Heavy & Light Industrial Sector , The Energy and Marine Sectors and the Commercial sectors.

RFS Group  (Trinidad, Barbados, St. Lucia & Grenada) provides Fully Integrated products for Light Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sectors such as Fire Extinguishers, Suppression Systems, CCTV Cameras & DVR Players, Burglar Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Sprinkler Systems.
What you should know about servicing your equipment 

  • Products are serviced semi-annually after purchase and installment. However, if in the event that any product has any malfunction or is not working as it should, we will try to offer our assistance in a timely manner
  • Detection devices are serviced depending on the environment. If it’s a clean environment, servicing is done every 6 months. If in an Industrial or construction-like setting, then it can be every third or quarter of a year.


How can I sponsor/contribute to The RFS Group of Companies?
The RFS Group conducts sponsorship on a local level. If you have a request for a contribution, find a local RFS business and ask to talk with the spokesperson of that office.


How do I submit an idea to The RFS Group for consideration?

The RFS Group accepts any ideas/comments/concerns/suggestions that you may have that can help us improve the monecre of our service. Please email :


For more information, please contact the RFS Group offices, or email us at