Class B Polar Solvents (AR-AFFF)


Class B Foam Agents are ideal for suppressing fires involving petroleum-based products, LNG, rubber, and flammable and combustible liquids; such as diesel fuel, crude oil gasoline and ethanol.

ANSULITE®​ Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF) Concentrates produce a foam that is effective on hydrocarbon fuels as well as fuels such as methanol, ethanol and acetone which have appreciable water solubility or miscibility. AR-AFFF exhibits the best cross-functional performance for flame knock-down, burnback resistance, extended vapor suppression, manufacturing and proportioning consistency, and the longest potential shelf life.

While early alcohol-resistant foams were based on mixtures of protein foams and chemicals called metal soaps, the most current alcohol-resistant concentrates are based on AFFF concentrates to which a water soluble polymer (polysaccharide) has been added. When these foam agents are applied to a water soluble fuel such as methyl alcohol, a polymeric membrane is formed between the foam and the water soluble fuel. When these foam agents are used on a conventional (water insoluble) hydrocarbon fuel, they function as an AFFF foam by forming an aqueous film at the fuel/air interface.

The foam concentrates are UL Listed and available in a 5 gal (19L) pail,  55 gal (208L) drum, 265 gal (1003L) tote, or call for available bulk delivery.


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