Duct Deluge System


An Effective and Efficient Sprinkler

Your fire safety system protects you, your employees, and your property. But what protects your fire safety system? Corrosive gases in industrial or manufacturing settings can damage your safety equipment and put everything at risk. The Duct Deluge System is used for ductwork ventilation systems that handle corrosive gases. It features corrosive-resistant pieces, linear heat detection, and duct-mounting hardware. It’s also capable of achieving fire suppression and potential extinguishment in ventilation ductwork constructed of plastic material. Besides building safety, the benefits include limiting downtime due to fire damage, routine inspection, and maintenance.


  • Designed specifically for the protection of ventilation ductwork handling extremely corrosive gases, defined in FM Data Sheet 7-78
  • See TFP870 for Duct Deluge System technical information
  • The DDS System components include the Tyco® DN-5 Corrosion Resistant Duct Nozzle, the Tyco® Red-E Cabinet, Protectowire linear heat detection, and FlexHead duct mounting hardware


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