EA-1 Protectospray Directional Spray Nozzles


Effective Area Coverage With a Cooling Spray

These nozzles release a cooling spray to prevent excessive heat absorption, possible structural damage, or the spread of fire to protected equipment. However, use of an automatic nozzle requires consideration of the response time of the thermal element. The directional spray provided by these nozzles is especially effective for area coverage. The nozzles are sometimes used in lieu of standard sprinklers where directional spray is considered more appropriate. The nozzles are even used for fire control or extinguishment in some cases, depending on water design density requirements.


  • Wide variety of orifice sizes and spray angles
  • For EA-1 Protectospray Directional Spray Nozzles, see TFP800 for technical information and listing details
  • UL and C-UL Listed; FM Approved


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