Foam Systems Mobilcart


The Foam Systems Mobilcart is designed to provide mobile firefighting foam capability for various hazardous areas where flammable liquids are present. Common applications include tank farms and refineries, loading areas, chemical processing plants, diked areas, warehouse facilities, paint storage areas, and other manufacturing areas where flammable liquids are a hazard.

A broad range of foam concentrates can be used for Class B applications including ANSULITE AFFF, Alcohol Resistant AFFF, JET-X high-expansion type, and protein based foam concentrates. For Class A fire hazards with wood, paper, coal, and rubber, SILV-EX concentrate proportioned at 1% is recommended.

The Mobilcart is a highly maneuverable wheeled cart consisting of a polyethylene tank with two built-in hose storage locations, an eductor with metering valve, and two lengths of fire hose with a choice of foam nozzles.


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