High-Velocity Directional Spray Nozzles


Spray Nozzle Overview

HV Nozzles are open (non-automatic) directional spray nozzles for use in water spray fixed systems for fire protection applications where a high-velocity water application may be required. The HV nozzle was designed specifically for fixed hazards like circuit breakers, diesel tanks, lube oil systems, and more. So how does a high-velocity nozzle work? As water passes through the internal swirl plate, a swirling action is produced before the water is released; this results in a solid conical spray pattern of water droplets. These nozzles are also capable of rapidly extinguishing oil fires by emulsification, cooling, and smothering. This surface-cooling effect also minimizes the possibility of reignition after a fire extinguishment.


  • Open, directional spray nozzles
  • Available in six different orifice sizes and six angle spray patterns
  • UL and C-UL Listed; FM Approved
  • Designed for use in fixed water spray fire protection systems
  • Produces a solid conical spray pattern
  • See TFP815 for technical information and listing details


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