Low Pressure Systems


Distribution of CO2 is accomplished through a selector valve or a hand-hose line arrangement. So a selector valve arrangement is commonly used when multiple hazards are protected from a common supply manifold that is located in close proximity to the storage unit. The master and selector valve arrangement is typically used to protect several hazards from the same supply manifold where the selector valve is located close to the hazard and at a significant distance from the storage unit. Hand-hose lines can either be supplied from a separate low pressure storage unit. These can also be connected to the same storage unit that supplies a fixed pipe system. In all cases, the hand hose line has its own operating discharge valve.


The following are typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems:
Printing presses
* Transformer vaults/electrical cabinets
* Open pits
* Dip tanks
* Rolling mills
Coating machines
Process equipment
Exhaust and fume handling systems
Flammable gas or liquid storage areas
Inerting applications


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