Medium-Velocity Directional Spray Nozzles


Protect Your System From Corrosion

Fire safety shouldn’t be compromised by harmful gases or debris. MV nozzles are open, nonautomatic, directional spray nozzles that discharge a uniformly filled cone of medium-velocity water droplets. They are effective in covering exposed surfaces in a cooling spray to prevent excessive heat absorption, possible structural damage, or the spread of fire to protected equipment. These nozzles may also be used for fire control or extinguishment in certain applications.


  • Available in a variety of orifice sizes and fixed angle options
  • For MV-R (MV10R through MV57R) and MV-T (MV10T through MV57T) external deflector-type nozzles, see TFP809 for technical information and listing details
  • UL Listed; FM Approved
  • For MV Nozzles (MV10 through MV57), see TFP807 for technical information and listing details
  • For DN-5 corrosion resistant duct open nozzles, see TFP808 for technical information and listing details


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