Model D4A Nozzles


Protected Performance With a Cooling Spray

Like other Protectospray nozzles, the D4A is open, non-automatic, and releases a cone of medium-velocity water droplets. But unlike other Protectospray nozzles, the D4A features a four-arm body design that helps protect the unit from mechanical or physical damage. This unit releases a cooling spray to prevent excessive heat absorption, possible structural damage, or the spread of fire to protected equipment. In some applications, the D4A nozzles may also be used for fire control or extinguishment.


  • Wide variety of orifices and spray angles
  • Available in natural finish bronze or TEFLON coated bronze
  • For D4A Protectospray Nozzle, see TFP806 for technical information and listing details
  • Blow-off cap available
  • UL and C-UL Listed


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