Model EC-HS Sprinklers


Enhanced Fire Protection and Aesthetics

Need to install your sprinkler system along a wall or alongside a beam? If you are concerned about aesthetics or can’t use pendent/upright sprinklers because of your building’s construction, horizontal sidewall sprinklers are a great alternative. The Tyco® Model EC-HS horizontal sidewall sprinklers are decorative glass bulb sprinklers designed for use in light or ordinary hazard occupancies like churches, restaurant seating areas, hotels, schools, and office buildings. Our 8.0 K-factor, quick-response sprinklers offer extended coverage for the peace of mind you need—without compromising on your building’s aesthetics. Covering up to 21 m², these sprinklers should be installed just beneath a smooth, level ceiling.


  • Extended coverage, decorative 3-mm glass bulb-type spray sprinklers
  • Available in Europe only
  • For quick-response horizontal sidewall sprinklers (TY3330), see TFP288 for technical information and listing details
  • To be installed per VdS CEA 4001 and in accordance with Annex E of VdS CEA 4001
  • VdS Approved


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