Series DS-2 Dry Sprinklers


Wet or Dry Sprinklers Ideal for Use in Freezing Temperatures

Due to the potential for ambient freezing temperatures to freeze the water within the system piping, the sprinkler is comprised of a long dry barrel that separates the sealed water inlet from the activation element and frame/deflector assembly. Water is prevented from entering the dry sprinkler assembly until the temperature within the protected space is high enough to break the activation element thereby releasing the seal. Once the seal is released, the sprinkler is activated and water automatically releases.


  • Extra-large orifice
  • UL and C-UL Listed; NYC Approved
  • For standard and quick response, standard coverage (TY5255, TY5235), see TFP530 for technical information and listing details
  • Length up to 48 inches (1220 mm)
  • For Pendent extended coverage (TY5238), see TFP540 for technical information and listing details


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