The Ray™ Rod Holder Adapter for Yachts

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Many sport fisherman-style and center console boats cannot quickly and easily attach a fender.

New! The Ray™ allows you to turn any fishing rod holder into an immovable base for your fender. The swivel eye at the top is generously sized (0.80″) to accomodate large lines. The unique locking channels at the base of the Ray™ allow it to twist-lock to cross-pins that are 0.25″ in diameter; this prevents the dislodging of the adapter, should an upward force occur.

Rod Holder Adapter

Many sport fisherman-style and center console boats have no provisions for attaching a fender.

New! The rod holder adapter allows you to turn any fishing rod holder into a secure base for your fender. Use with a Fendergrip push button fender adjuster, or by itself.

Made in the US of Stainless Steel hardware and PVC for durability.

  • Three Year Warranty
  • 19″ over all length
  • 1-1/3″ OD to fit all rod holders

The Square Rail Adapter (SRA-1™) for pontoon boats with 1.25″ rails. Made of 316 stainless steel, the SRA-1™ simply slides between your pontoon boat’s seat back and rail to provide a strong 316 stainless steel eye for your fender. The eye is laser welded to the adapter and can be used with any diameter line up to 1/2″.

Underneath the SRA-1™, you will find 3 pieces of 3M’s 370 antislip tape. This tape protects your rail and prevents the SRA-1™ from moving sideways.

Use the SRA-1™ in conjunction with a FENDERGRIP® push button fender adjuster for the ultimate fender set-up.


Square Rail Adapter SRA-1™


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