Vapor Suppression


TARGET-7 Vapor Mitigation and Neutralizing Agent provides for a single application to suppress dangerous vapor release from a chemical spill while also pH neutralizing the spilled material. When mixed with the appropriate neutralizing agent, the TARGET-7 concentrate may be used for chlorine dioxide, oleum, chlorosulfonic acids, sulfur trioxide, liquid ammonia, and other fuming acid spills.  This is critical when time is of the essence after a dangerous spill of fuming acid or other hazardous chemicals.

Once TARGET-7 agent is applied and has formed its cover on the spill, there is no need to apply another neutralizing agent which would break the foam blanket. The foam blanket serves as the source for the neutralizing solution, acts to suppress vapor release from the spill and acts as a natural gas/vapor scrubber.

The foam concentrate formulation can be mixed with either an acid or alkaline water-based solution and discharged through an air-aspirated foam discharge device to produce an expanded foam. The stable foam slowly releases its solution from the bubble walls and neutralizes the spill. For an acidic spill (such as CLO2), the foam will be created from an alkaline water solution. For an alkaline spill (such as NH3), the foam will be created from an acidic water solution.

TARGET-7 Vapor Mitigation and Neutralizing Agent is available in a 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, 265 gallon tote, or in bulk.​


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