ESFR Rapid Install Sprinklers


Leave Tools, Tape, and Overtorquing Behind

The Tyco® ESFR Rapid Install Sprinkler (RIS) is an early-suppression, fast-response sprinkler that is revolutionizing fire protection for warehouses and high-piled storage. This sprinkler features a pre-installed EPD gasket that uses proprietary Tyco® Rapid Seal technology to form a robust seal with simple tool-free hand tightening. Plus, the gasket housed within the sprinkler eliminates the need to apply sealant to the sprinkler threads and reduces the effort necessary to complete installation. There are two model options available that are compatible with our custom welded outlet fittings: ESFR-25 and ESFR-22.


  • No tools — reduce time working overhead
  • UL and C-UL Listed; FM Approved
  • For ESFR RIS, 25.2 K-factor (TY9220) see TFP328 for technical information and listing details
  • No overtorquing
  • For ESFR RIS, 22.4 K-factor (TY8220) see TFP327 for technical information and listing details


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