Model B-1 Foam-Water Sprinklers


An Efficient and Effective Foam Alternative

Water isn’t the only fire-suppressant option. Foam-water deluge systems are best for spaces with ignitable liquids. Model B-1 foam-water sprinklers discharge foam from overhead sprinklers then discharge water — similar to standard spray sprinklers. This model has a unique venturi-style body that allows foam to form and release as effectively as possible. As the foam solution (a water-and-foam concentrate) flows through the inlet, air is drawn into the body of the unit. The foam solution mixed with air is agitated to create an air-aspirated foam. Then, the foam is released in a predetermined discharge pattern. The follow-up water spray is released in a pattern — similar to standard spray sprinklers.


  • Air aspirating foam-water nozzles
  • Open nozzle for use in NFPA 16 foam-water sprinkler systems
  • Pendent & upright styles
  • See TFP840 for technical information and listing details


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