Poly-Stainless Sprinklers


A Cost-Effective, Corrosion-Resistant Solution

Don’t let corrosion destroy your sprinklers and your budget. Tyco® poly-stainless sprinklers have a special corrosion-resistant coating to maintain their aesthetic appeal in corrosive environments. These sprinklers maintain aesthetics in corrosive environments, potentially reducing the need to replace a properly functioning sprinkler. We offer several configurations to meet your commercial occupancy’s unique fire suppression needs. The TY-B with its 5-mm-diameter, heat-sensitive glass bulb is rated standard response, whereas the TY-FRB with its 3-mm-diameter, heat-sensitive glass bulb is rated quick response.


  • Corrosion-resistant coating guards against caustic environments
  • UL and C-UL Listed; FM, NYC, LPCB, and VdS Approved
  • Wide variety of K-factors, sizes, and temperature ratings available
  • For Poly-stainless Sprinklers (TY1131, TY1231, TY2131, TY2231, TY4831, TY4931, TY4131, TY4231, TY3431, TY3331, TY1151, TY1251, TY4851, TY4951, TY4151, TY4251, TY3451, TY3351), see TFP151/TFP161/TFP171/TFP176 or technical information and listing details


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