Series TY-B and TY-FRB – Alternate Materials


A Long-Lasting Safety Solution

The Tyco® Series TY-B and TY-FRB sprinklers are corrosion-resistant sprinklers designed for use in commercial occupancies where corrosive atmospheres may exist. Select from upright and pendent sprinklers, conventional sprinklers, and sidewall sprinklers made from stainless steel, SMO*, or titanium. These alternate materials are intended to have a longer life span than copper alloy sprinklers, which are often exposed to corrosive atmospheres. The TY-B with its 5-mm-diameter, heat-sensitive glass bulb is rated standard response, whereas the TY-FRB with its 3-mm-diameter, heat-sensitive glass bulb is rated quick response.


  • Made from alternate materials of construction including stainless steel, (SMO: stainless-molybdenum alloyed)
  • For Corrosion-resistant, alternate materials of construction (TY8191, TY8181, TY8281, TY8681, TY8381, TY8481, TY8182, TY8282, TY8682, TY8382, TY8482, TY8183, TY8283, TY8683, TY8383, TY8493, TY8393, TY8693, TY8291, TY8691, TY8391, TY8491, TY8192, TY8292, TY8692, TY8392, TY8293, TY8193, TY8483, TY8492, TY9181, TY9281, TY9291, TY9191, TY9681, TY9691) See TFP680 for technical information and listing details
  • UL and C-UL Listed; LPCB Approved; Lloyds Certified


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