TY-FRFS, TY-FS Special and TY-FS Flat Spray Sprinklers


Available in Multiple Temperature Ratings

Because of the flat spray pattern, these sprinklers can be used with low clearance above suspended open ceilings and in racks. The TY-FRFS features a 3-mm, heat-sensitive bulb and is designed for quick response. The TY-FS with its 5-mm, heat-sensitive bulb is rated standard response. The TY-FS Special is categorized as special response and has a 4-mm, heat-sensitive bulb. Each model has three upright and pendent versions: 57, 80, or 115 K-factor. Sprinklers with an 80 or 115 K-factor can be outfitted with guards and/or shields to protect against damage.


  • Intended for installation in accordance with CEA 4001 or EN12845, as applicable
  • LPCB and VdS Approved
  • Available only in Europe
  • For flat spray sprinklers, see TFP635 for technical information and listing details


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