Attic Sprinklers


A Flexible, Cost-Effective Sprinkler

Did you know that specific application attic sprinklers are far superior to standard spray sprinklers when it comes to attic protection? They save you money by allowing the use of CPVC piping within the space, let you cover the same area with fewer sprinklers, and can limit or eliminate branch lines and associated installation labor. Our sprinklers cover attics up to 60 feet wide with a single line of piping. Choose from Tyco® Models back-to-back dual-directional (BB), single directional (SD), HIP, and attic-plus (AP) specific application attic sprinklers for combustible and non-combustible sloped attic spaces. While Models BB, SD, and HIP are specific application attic sprinklers, Model AP is a specific application combustible, concealed-space sprinkler with specific application criteria for use with Models BB, SD, and HIP in attic spaces.


  • Wet or dry pipe systems
  • UL- and C-UL-Listed
  • Provides a specific cost advantage by reducing the amount of piping required
  • For specific application sprinklers for protecting attics (TY2190, TY2182, TY2181, TY2180, TY3181, TY3190, TY3187, TY3185, TY3184, TY3183, TY3180, TY3182, TY4181, TY4182, TY4180) see TFP610 for technical information and listing details


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