ESFR Sprinkler Accessories


Protect Your Protection

Your fire safety system protects you, your employees, and your property. But a damaged sprinkler could put all of that at risk. Protect your fire safety system with sprinkler guards and shields. Sprinkler guards are designed for sprinklers located in areas that make them susceptible to mechanical or physical damage. The EGD-25 guard is the first Listed sprinkler guard designed for the use with in-rack sprinklers and is compatible with ESFR-22 and ESFR-25. Shields are for use in storage racks or beneath grated mezzanine, or other areas requiring the sprinklers to be shielded from possible discharge from sprinklers above.


  • FM Approved
  • Shields offered in two sizes, designed to avoid cold soldering
  • Guards avoid damage to in-rack sprinklers
  • Does not require regular maintenance


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