Model EC-25 Sprinkler


Approved as CMDA and CMSA Sprinkler

Looking for an emergency sprinkler system for storage applications, “big box” stores, or extra hazard occupancies? Tyco® is the name you can trust for quality sprinklers with a large coverage range. This sprinkler is also FM Approved as a quick-response, extended coverage CMDA sprinkler and as a control mode specific application (CMSA) sprinkler that is FM Approved for storage and non-storage applications. The Model EC-25 offers a maximum coverage area of 196 sq. ft. (18,2 m²).


  • Provides low hydraulic demand
  • For use in high-density applications
  • For 25.2 K-factor upright sprinkler with extended coverage (TY9128), see TFP213 for technical information and listing details
  • The maximum coverage area per sprinkler is 196 sq. ft. (18,2 m2)
  • UL and C-UL Listed, FM and NYC Approved


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