Mulsifyre Directional Spray Nozzles


Efficient Protection Against Special Hazards

Mulsifyre nozzles are internal-scroll nozzles that discharge a uniformly filled cone of high-velocity water droplets. While they’re designed primarily for fire extinguishment and control, Mulsifyre nozzles can also be used for exposure protection. Mulsifyre nozzles are typically used in sprinkler systems to protect against special hazards such as chemical process equipment, conveyer systems, flammable liquid storage, openings in firewalls, and more.


  • Used in water spray fixed systems for the protection of special hazards
  • Open nozzle option is used for deluge systems
  • For Model F822S through F834S with strainers, see TFP811 for technical information and listing details
  • Available in six different sizes with a wide range of orifice sizes and water distribution characteristics
  • UL and C-UL Listed, FM Approved
  • For Model F822 through F834 without strainers, see TFP810 for technical information and listing details


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