Model ESFR-17 Sprinklers – Dry


Ideal for Refrigerated Storage Areas

The Tyco® ESFR-17 pendent sprinkler is designed for use in refrigerated storage areas. By constricting water storage and flow until the sprinkler is activated, the ESFR-17 can easily operate in freezing temperatures. Because the ESFR-17 is primarily used for ceiling-only sprinkler protection, it is permanently secured to a sprinkler drop and includes two insulating seal assemblies. By combining a 16.8 K-factor with a dry-type sprinkler design, the ESFR-17 provides flexibility when sizing system piping and can reduce the need for a system fire pump when protecting refrigerated storage areas.


  • Eliminates in-rack sprinklers for box-in-box applications
  • Meets UL 1767 test standard and compliance program testing for salt spray corrosion compliance.
  • For early suppression, fast response (TY7229), see TFP320 for technical information and listing details
  • More cost-effective than anti-freeze systems
  • UL Listed, FM Approved


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