Model ESFR-34 Sprinklers


The Ideal Choice for Protecting High-Piled Storage

The Model ESFR-34 sprinklers are advantageous when eliminating in-rack sprinklers for the protection of high-piled storage. Their heavy discharge helps attack burning fuel and protects most encapsulated or nonencapsulated common materials, including cartoned and unexpanded plastic. These suppression-mode sprinklers can protect a storage arrangement of 50 feet (15.2 meters) with a ceiling height of 55 feet (16.8 meters) without requiring in-rack sprinklers. In addition, it can be installed with a maximum centerline of a thermal sensing element-to-ceiling distance of 17 inches (432 millimeters).


  • Surround and drown approach to fire suppression
  • FM Approved
  • Offers most flexible storage arrangement options for ceiling-only protection designs
  • For early suppression, fast response (TY9286), see TFP338 for technical information and listing details


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