Model RFII MRI Extended Coverage Sprinklers


Ideal for MRI System Rooms

Tyco® RFII-MRI 5.6K concealed pendent sprinkler is non-magnetic and is intended for use inside MRI system rooms. The extended coverage option allows for fewer sprinklers. The sprinkler was tested up to 7 Tesla (a measurement of magnetic field strength), allowing it to withstand more than twice the magnetic strength of a standard MRI apparatus, which is typically 3 Tesla. This RFII-MRI sprinkler helps complement healthcare facility projects with an extended coverage option designed to protect standardized MRI rooms with up to five fewer sprinklers as compared to standard coverage sprinklers. Plus, optional custom painted sprinkler cover plates with paint matching process can create a seamless design. Submit a sample, pick a finish, and we do the rest.


  • Non-magnetic, flat plate concealed sprinkler for MRI room applications
  • Extended coverage option requires fewer sprinklers (up to 5 fewer than standard coverage)
  • For 5.6 K-factor concealed pendent sprinkler (TY3537), see TFP262 for technical information and listing details
  • Tested up to 7 Tesla (standard MRI apparatus is typically 3 Tesla)
  • UL and C-UL Listed


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