Series TY-L Stainless Sprinklers


Get Peace of Mind With a Trusted Sprinkler

Tyco® Series TY-L 5.6 K-factor (K80) and 8.0 K-factor (K115) stainless-steel pendent sprinklers are designed for use in light, ordinary, and extra-hazard commercial occupancies such as food production facilities, factories, refineries, and chemical plants. The all-metal construction also aids in end-of-line metal detection quality checks common in the food production industry; in the event of a sprinkler activation, there is no chance of glass contamination. TY-L sprinklers are designed to resist corrosion caused by cleaning agents that are used in the wash-down procedures required in food production environments.


  • Stainless steel, rated for corrosion resistance
  • FM Approved; CE Certified
  • All-metal components
  • For 5.6 and 8.0 K-factor stainless-steel sprinklers (TY3280, TY4280), see TFP683 for technical information and listing details


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