TY-FRB Intermediate Sprinklers


Factory-Assembled Quick Response Sprinklers

TY-FRB Intermediate Sprinklers are quick response with a factory-assembled shield. Intermediate level sprinklers are primarily designed for use in rack storage sprinkler systems where their thermally sensitive elements must be shielded from the water spray of higher elevation sprinklers that could operate earlier during a fire.


  • Factory-assembled unit with an integral water shield
  • For pendent and upright, quick response (TY3133, TY3231, TY4133, TY4231), see TFP356 for technical information and listing details
  • UL and C-UL Listed, FM and NYC Approved, Australian Watermark
  • For 5.6 K-factor upright and pendent sprinklers (TY313, TY323), see TFP357 for technical information and listing details


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